Hobby Internal Marketing of Company’s Internal Activities to Encourage People Doing Their Job Better – The Case of Georgian Railway

  • Kakhaber Djakeli Professor
  • Nino Tsulaia Tbilisi State University
Keywords: Hobby, Human Capital, Human Resources, Internal Marketing


Hobby is a big part of person’s motivation to do something well. According to the hypothesis described and explained in this article, many people do their job well because they want to fulfill their dreams at home. Some of these dreams can be described as people’s hobbies. We know that hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure, but how a company can use this activity regularly to increase either the human capital of its workers or to improve image or organization remains unclear.
To find links between hobby marketing and high moral, image and positive awareness of company in the mind of public, special marketing research was conducted in the Georgian - European Marketing Association. Qualitative marketing research methods have been used in the survey that have shown many surprising things about the importance of hobby marketing in the 21st century. The purpose of the study, to open new directions of the company’s internal marketing activities, was achieved.

Author Biography

Kakhaber Djakeli, Professor