Exploring Aspects Creating Corporate Culture in Georgian Organizations

  • Teona Maisuradze International Black Sea University
Keywords: Artifacts of Culture, Efficiency, Organizational Culture, Performance Indicator


The paper presents the results of an attempt to link the definition of organizational
culture to Georgian reality in companies. It explores the companies’ visual artifacts
to clarify traditional influences on Georgian company organizational cultures. Along
with the study of culture within the organization, our study explores the reasons
and thoughts behind the elements of existing culture and attempts to generate
some recommendations on organizational performance indicators that define the
culture of an organization in one way or another. The paper presents the grouping
of company cultures in Georgia according to the frame created and gives recommendation on indicators of specific culture.

Author Biography

Teona Maisuradze, International Black Sea University
Ph. D. Candidate and invited lecturer, Faculty of Business Management, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi