Health Reforms Need Marketing - Analyzing Current Georgian Healthcare Model through Reform Marketing Matrix (RMM)


  • Tamar Jakeli
  • Kakhaber Djakeli



Supported by German Academic Exchange Center, well known by the abbreviation of DAAD, invited by a famous professor of Health Economics, Dr. I.-Mathias Graf von der Schulenburg, Kakhaber Djakeli spent interesting research period at Leibniz University, Hanover (LUH), at the Institute of Insurance Business Administration and the Center of Health Economics Research in Hannover (CHERH) in the summer of 2016. This author had been researching Georgian Health Reforms and health economics for a long time at the LUH, and this article is a continuation of this tradition. The co-author, Tamar Jakeli, who is a young researcher interested in reform management, conducted analytical research of Georgian Health Reforms and their marketing at her university, Lafayette College, in Pennsylvania (USA). Both authors believed that a marketing approach that assessed Health model and reform was needed. As a result, they developed the model of RMM. As a research approach, the famous Delphi method was used in order to gain expert views and opinions on the issue of reforming. The information obtained through this primary research method enabled us to establish prerequisites for the successful establishment of the Reform Marketing Matrix (RMM). Using the Delphi method, completed in two stages, 37 health experts were asked to answer questions electronically.