The Image of Ukraine in the World as an Identifying Factor of Incoming Tourism Growth


  • Anna ROMANOVA Chernihiv National University of Technology


The definitions of the country’s tourism image and the national tourism brand are defined. The main determinants, which distinguish between tourism brand, tourist image and tourist reputation, are presented. A model for creating the concept for a national brand has been constructed. The image of Ukraine is determined on the basis of the authoritative world reports and ratings analysis.
English-language analytical Ukrainian Internet portals are explored. The most popular among them are Kyivpost, Unian, News, Euromaidan Press, 112 International, En.Censor, and Interfax-Ukraine. The US citizens (20-30% of all visits) mostly visit each of these sites. The total number of visits during six months for each of these sites has not exceeded 1 million people.
Analysis of the most popular world Internet publications for the purpose of news coverage about Ukraine is conducted. The BBC, the New York Times, The Guardian recall Ukraine mostly in the context of Russia’s aggression and the war in the East.
The main stakeholders of the formation and promotion of the national tourism brand are defined: state institutions; citizens, residents of the country; media; creative intellectuals, athletes, other world-famous Ukrainians; diaspora; business; public environment;
political forces.
Recommendations for forming the brand of Ukraine in the world are presented as a means of improving the outbound tourism and the economy of the country as a whole.
Keywords: national branding, national tourist brand, tourist image, tourism industry,
tourist reputation
JEL: Z30