The Knowledge to Western Wine Sales Models among Georgian Wineries


  • Kakhaber DJAKELI


Do certain common sales principles guide uncommonly diversified companies doing heritage wines from their birthplace – Georgia? As many sources confirm and recognize the birth of Wine in Caucasus – Georgia, this place is becoming very popular among fans of wine who visit Georgia to see its oldest way of wine making. Heritage wine was historically produced in Georgia in special clay potter vessels. This vessel is called Qvevri. The aim of the article is to study how Georgian winemakers know modern wine sales models. In addition, we want to know the role of different models for Georgian wine sales to international markets. Wine trade usually is the process in which wine distributors and different wineries sell wine and it is a great stage of wine marketing. Suppliers, buyers, associations, exhibitions, hospitality and retail networks participating in this process make final consumers buy wine. Wine sales staff understands the competition, people’s needs, wants, motivations and drivers. The aim of this article is to analyze whether wine makers in Georgia know innovative sales approaches and what sales models are appreciated by Georgian Qvevri wineries.
Research method: The study was conducted in two steps and literature analysis was made. A quantitative online survey was used to measure how wine makers know modern wine sales models. The survey, originally developed at International Black Sea University, was modified to include questions on wine sales. The resulting survey included 6 questions using simple rating questions and short answer replies. In order to measure the knowledge of Models of Wine Sales, respondents, who were wine makers and some business people, were invited to participate in the quantitative and qualitative study.
Findings: the study made it obvious that Georgian wineries know less about modern ways of wine sales in target markets. This can serve as a guideline to future sales.