What can be Effective Marketing Strategy for the Medical Clinic in Tbilisi?


  • Kakhaber DJAKELI


In Tbilisi already, there are more than 200 medical clinics. Some of them have a narrow specialization, such as dermatology. Others are multiservice medical companies, established as Limited Liability Enterprises. These clinics have either very low or no awareness at all in the mind of their patients. They need to improve their competitiveness. For this reason, they need effective marketing strategies and communications. As usual, IMC drives brands and positions them in the mind of their prospective consumers. “This brand knowledge affects how consumers respond to products, prices, communications, channels and other marketing activity – increasing or decreasing the brand value in the process” (Keller, 2003).
At the Georgian – European Marketing Association, marketers work to analyze the situation about the medical service market in the capital of Georgia and the model of effective IMC. NMedi club is a small but multiservice medical clinic, established at the end of 2018. They have a lot of obstacles that can be overcome by extensive use of marketing. The main problem of this company is improper strategic marketing and low level of awareness in the mind of customers.
To fully understand marketing problems of this clinic, at Georgian – European Marketing Association, Professor Kakhaber Djakeli and his assistants made the marketing research divided into 2 main stages: a. the survey among customers of the clinic to understand the level of their satisfaction and b. the survey among medical staff of the company to know more about their vision and goals. Almost 200 target customers were asked. The doctors and physicians participated in the expert survey.
After the marketing research the answers were analyzed and the model of marketing strategy was established as a practical result of the study.