The Role of Biggest Companies in International Business Relations and Resolving the Global Problems


  • Nika Chitadze



This paper discusses the significant features of the biggest companies, first of all transnational corporations (TNCs) in international business. In this regard, the significant attention is paid to the financial resources of leading TNC-s, which prevails the volume of GDP of many countries of the world, including economically developed states. This comparative analysis of the finance resources of the leading companies and the states is presented in this research. Furthermore, important attention is also focused on the role of the leading companies in the resolution of global problems, first of all in the field of environmental protection. In general, it is necessary to understand the definition of TNCs in order to better know their role and functions in the framework of a globally integrated system. Transnational corporations are the main players of the world economics and international business. On one hand the globalization and regionalization create a very good condition for development of TNCs, on the other hand firms reinforce these processes by their export and foreign direct investment.