Impact of Empowerment Types on Service Quality: A Case Study among SMEs


  • Nergz Gharib ABDULLAH Tishk International University
  • Metin MERCAN International Black Sea University
  • Arian MATIN International Black Sea University


The research studies the effects of empowerment types on the service quality perceptions of customers among various small and medium enterprises in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The data was collected from dual channel; empowerment related questions were asked to the employees while service quality related questions were asked to the customers of the concerning enterprise. In total, 154 data were collected from employees and 200 from the customers. In the analysis, customers’ data was merged with the data from the employees in order to test the hypotheses. After the validity and the reliability analysis, multiple regression analysis was proposed to test the hypothesis. Based on the results, it was observed that psychological empowerment was negatively effecting the service quality perceptions of customers. The reasons and suggestions were added in the conclusion part.