Motivations of Firms Being ISO 9001 Certified and Benefits they Received after the Certification: A Case Study in Kurdistan Region of Iraq


  • Sewa Omed Omer ARIF Tishk International University
  • Metin MERCAN International Black Sea University
  • Iasha MURVANIDZE International Black Sea University


The purpose of the current paper was to elaborate the main motivations that ISO 9001 certified companies in Kurdistan Region of Iraq when they applied for the certification. Secondly, the benefits they obtained after being certified were elucidated. The data was collected from the 96 ISO 9001 certified companies in the region. Initially, we conducted a descriptive statistic to understand the main motivations of the companies. Secondly, with the same methodology, benefits they obtained were identified. Lastly, correlation analysis was conducted in order to understand the relations between motivations and benefits. The results shown that companies which had initial motivation of winning tender, because tender required the certification, making good relations with government, and getting tenders from the government departments failed to have strong benefits from the certification. Besides, the organizations which obtained certification for marketing strategies became successful in their sales and market shares. It shows that ISO 9001 certification attracts attentions of customers positively in the region.