Brand Awareness Matrix in Political Marketing Area


  • Kakhaber Jakeli International Black Sea University
  • Tea Tchumburidze International Black Sea University



The article aims to support political theorists and practitioners to bring new or encourage already existed political figures to the top political arena. With the help of this matrix, they will have a possibility to plan their future according to the type of awareness they have already built. The time they spent in political or other markets influencing society and politics, should be taken into consideration as well. The concept of Brand awareness should be well employed by Political Marketing Management. To improve marketing approaches into political market and employ awareness as a success factor for political competition, we suggest the following Matrix, invented by political marketing researchers: Prof. Dr. Kakhaber Djakeli and Tea Tshumburidze in 2011.

Author Biographies

Kakhaber Jakeli, International Black Sea University

Lecturer; Coordinator of Marketing Program at International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tea Tchumburidze, International Black Sea University

Research Assistant at Faculty of Humanities,International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia