Perceived Readiness to Change


  • Teona Maisuradze International Black Sea University


adaptation to change, change management, employees, implementing change, motivation, readiness, reform


Experience tells us that organizational change is chaotic, related to something new and unknown causing lesser sense of security and stability. Thus, the process can be dramatic for both the individual and the organization. When a change is triggered from external events like change of regulations and industry norms another burden of the top management adjustment occurs, which creates additional obstacle in the natural acceptance process which is believed to be vital for any change. These regulations require that organizations respond accordingly by taking measures to ensure that the behavior of employees change so
that the desired outcomes are achieved. The goal of our study was to catalogue as many organizational actions as possible associated
with perceived organizational readiness or lack of readiness for change and analyze which factors are decision in the process of implementation of the change itself.

Author Biography

Teona Maisuradze, International Black Sea University

Ph. D. Candidate and invited lecturer, Faculty of Business Management, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi