Regional Integration – Benefits for Members


  • ilyas Ciloglu International Black Sea University
  • Teona Kekutia International Black Sea University



benefits, costs, international organizations, regional integration


Nowadays world economy is becoming more and more integrated due to regional integrations. Many economists, politicians argue about the
effectiveness of these regional integrations. The purpose of the research paper is to analyze the functions of these integrations, their goals,
aims and the benefits for the member country. The research was conducted by several methods, the previous researches about the regional
integrations issue were analyzed; the survey and interview were conducted. The result is that the membership of some influential and strong
regional integration gives some benefits to the country; many countries have been developed and made impressive progress with the help of
regional integrations. But to conclude, behind the benefits there is politics on which the policy of international organizations and their actions
depends. Sometimes a member country has to give up its independence and freedom of choice, it should act more carefully, because it is part
of integration and has higher responsibility.

Author Biographies

ilyas Ciloglu, International Black Sea University

Rector, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Teona Kekutia, International Black Sea University

BA Student, Faculty of Social Sciences, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia