Participation Management in Corporate Strategy


  • Dorota Smolenska



Companies, Company Politics, Development, Management, Management Politics, Organizations, Participation Management


In my publication I want to show role of management and participation management for corporations. It is necessary to present the type of management, due to dependency, participation and decisions and the needs of corporations. Last years are the period of processing and building management, we can see new tendency and trends in management and participation management. One of the most important factors and variables is international policy and polish policy for managers. Internalization and cooperation’s webs need management and new style of managers. The management for organization and representation on the market, to clients and cooperation company are still important for corporation in Europe. 
In future in management will be necessary to implement internalization, international cooperation and representation. Many corporations are planning to develop in EU and European market. Important issue is building the mark and market position on country market. IT market, mobile solutions and knowledge market (for education, company, marketing, institutions and research market) are developing in Europe. Important issues are internalizations in marketing, sales, logistic and transport, assets.