When the Brand is Losing its Archetypes it Dies Georgian Political Marketing at Elections


  • Kakhaber DJAKELI




The main hypothesis, making me to write this article was about the importance of archetypes, sounded as the following: when political brand is losing its archetypes it dies. To confirm or deny this hypothesis the goal was to explain the importance of video tape of abuse in a prison released during 2012 Parliament Elections of Georgia. The question is why it was so effective and damaging for the governing “United National Movement of Georgia”? The comparison of TV advertisement budgets of the main rival political organizations is very surprising. It shows that the governing political party - “United National Movement” spent 10 times more than (approximately 11 million GEL - more than 6 million USD) its main competitor “Georgian Dream”, (having spent only 123833 GEL - around 71000 USD) but lost historical elections, against the fresh political alliance.

“Opinion polls taken by the U.S. National Democratic Institute in June and August 2012—before the release of the videos-seemed to indicate that more Georgians
preferred United National Movement to Georgian Dream and that support for GD may have weakened” (Nichol, 2012). The survey of focus group members was conducted for the purposes of this article to know their attitude to subjects of elections – political parties and their leaders - five focus groups consisting of the total of 63 people before and after the elections.