The Impact of the Degree of Business Strategy Implementation Planning on Organizational Performance: Georgian Based Manufacturing Companies


  • Tornike KHOSHTARIA



The aim of this article is to examine links between the degree of planning business strategy implementation and organizational performance in the manufacturing sector. The research addressed 108 Georgian-based manufacturing companies. A questionnaire was employed as a tool of this study. Respondents were top-level managers of Georgian based manufacturing companies. Research findings are based on hypothesis testing. More specifically stated, it resulted in that there is no strong relationship between strategy implementation effective planning and company outcomes in manufacturing organizations. Strategy planning driven Georgian based manufacturing companies pay less importance to the strategy implementation and effective planning.

Research results are important for the scientists studying the issue of strategic management as well as the managers of manufacturing organizations in Georgia who desire to be successful at the competitive market through the higher degree of planning strategy implementation process. This study will help them to identify and overcome the obstacles in the strategy implementation process.

Keywords: strategy, strategy implementation, strategic management
JEL: D29, L19, L60