Stress and Academic Staff Effectiveness in Ogun State-Owned Universities, Nigeria


  • Y. Abiodun OGUNTIMEHIN Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • Adebola ALABA Osun State University



The knowledge of the causes and effects of stress on the academic staff effectiveness  and strategies for reducing it at the university level would improve the academic standard. This will invariably have significant positive effects on all other organizations since universities mostly produce the needed high-level manpower. This study investigated the perceived stress factors on the academic staff job in state-owned universities. A proportional random sampling technique of 40% of the academic staff population was adopted to select samples across the faculties/colleges from the two state-owned universities. The instrument based on the Likert-scale and the oral interview were used to collect the data which was further analyzed using descriptive statistics and the studentT-test. The study revealed among others that academic staff was under stress because of the unconducive working environment, very high student population and inadequate physical and material resources. It was, therefore, suggested that the government should be responsive to social and economic responsibilities to achieve sustainable development.
Keywords: academic, effectiveness, state-owned, stress, universities
JEL: M12