Main Aspects of Economic and Business Cooperation between Georgia and China


  • Nika CHITADZE International Black Sea University



Bilateral relations between Georgia and Peoples Republic of China were established in 1992.
China was one of the first countries who recognized independence of Georgia after the disintegration of USSR. Very soon China opened the embassy in Tbilisi, which gave a strong boost to the historical, political and economic relations between two countries.
Georgia-China ties in the trade/economic relations have expanded from the period when Georgia managed to overcome the crisis,
related to the Georgia-Russia war.
During the last period, China has shown growing interest in Georgia. Notably, Chinese interests in Georgia currently focus on theeconomic sphere. However, the two countries share a common foundation for closer diplomatic cooperation. Additionally, deepening economic and business relations have a geopolitical corollary—by increasing its economic footprint China would have a growing interest in Georgia’s stability and security, especially, after presenting the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013. The BRI is a diverse series of projects and encompasses both land and sea corridors and includes 65 countries - nearly two-thirds of the world’s population, and one-third of global GDP. Within this project, Georgia can help shorten the distance between China and Europe, which
will be positively reflected on the transit potential of this South Caucasus country.